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TriedAndTrue – lenalieb


I first became a Mama nearly 10 years ago in the middle of a very cold winter. Since the very first and very cold day in January, I’ve loved to cover my kids in warm woolen clothes. Even more though, because all of my kids were rather small and slight in the beginning. And because I’m not really a fan of the colder seasons – I’m getting cold soooo easily – I love the natural warmth of woolen clothes for myself a lot! So what else to do than give your kids the good stuff too?!



The one thing all four of our kids would always wear as soon as temperatures were dropping below 15 degrees was a woolen and silk body, just like this beautiful one from lenalieb. This high-quality body is made from 70% wool and 30% silk and it’s just so light and soft. The mix of wool and silk helps to warm the body and at the same time regulate the moisture and the body-climate. Because of this it’s the perfect underwear for day- and night time.


The lenalieb trousers are the perfect match as they are made of organic cotton with woolen-silk cuffs. Its wide and comfortable shape makes it a real favorite piece for all kids. They can play and move, without feeling cramped or tight, too warm or too cold. Just as it should be!


If you’d like to know more about lenalieb, hop over to their ManyMiniThings feature site or have a look ‘Behind the scenes’.

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