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ManyMiniThings – our story


ManyMiniThings has been online for two and a half months now. And these two and a half months have been amazingly great! I want to thank all of you for being here, stopping by, showing interest and helping to create a better world. A world we care for, a world that lasts. It’s so much fun getting to know all the wonderful sustainable working little labels. It’s so much fun learning from other inspiring parents. It is so much fun to see ManyMiniThings grow. It’s so much fun seeing all of you stopping by!


Today I want to tell you a bit about the ManyMiniThings story and I’d like to start right at the beginning: My name is Fabia, I’m 36 years old. During my travels around the world I met the man of my life, fell in love, travelled further and lived abroad together with him and in the end came with him to my hometown Freiburg. For nine years now we’ve been living in a little town not far from this beautiful city in the south of Germany. Together with my adorable British husband we’re raising our four incredibly sweet children: a boy (nine years old) and three girls (seven, four and nearly two years old).

My experiences in life and during my travels and my studying and working experiences brought me to a green, slow and conscious lifestyle. Sustainability is what matters to me. Since I’ve become a mother I have searched for alternatives to the fast consume industry even more. I like finding kids clothes second-hand. And I love finding and shopping from little producers. Producers and labels where I can see the people and stories behind. Because I really like knowing #whomademyclothes! All these searches over all these years took quite some time. Time I actually could have spent better as a mother of one/two/three/four little people.

And this is where the ManyMiniThings idea was born! The idea of an online platform for little labels. Where other caring parents could easily find little sustainable working brands to shop for beautiful items for their kids. An online platform that gives some more information about the little labels and about living a sustainable life with kids. For two and a half years I was working, dreaming, talking, brainstorming, counting, searching and creating for this online platform. For this fifth little baby of mine. And here I am. Together with all the little labels, the inspiring parents and all of you readers! I can’t imagine a better place to be!



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